Quick Cheat

Here is a quick Neopets cheat:

Buy a Nerkmind from someone, and then with that Nerkmid, go to the auction house. Put the Nerkmid up for auction, and then go back to your inventory. Inside your inventory, use your Nerkmid somewhere. When your Nerkmid sells, you will still have the money from the Nerkmid, but you would have also used it. Cool cheat.

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Ankita said... November 3, 2009 at 9:25 AM  

It doesn't work! I got a nerkmid with all of the money that I saved up, put it up for auction, and then when I went to the vending machine it said that I didnt have any nerkmids! This is so unfair!

riana567 said... April 12, 2011 at 7:38 PM  

this one neopets user told me if i wanted alot of NPs and PBs, to email free_pb_np@yahoo.com! You just have to send ur username, pw, and pin. I HONESTLY thought it was going to be a scam but then after a couple minutes, i got a faerie PB, baby PB, and royal PB. i also got 12 million NPs. dont believe other people becuase they WILL scam you. but this is different ! you WONT regret it. i swear to GOD, this isnt a scam (:

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