Neopets Faerie Crossword

Here are the answers to today's Neopets Faerie Crossword Puzzle:

4. dice
5. club
6. applejuice
9. hot
10. moon
11. acorns
13. cho

1. zed
2. kau
3. peophin
5. cheekalot
7. iron
8. potion
11. adee
12. nox

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Quick Cheat

Here is a quick Neopets cheat:

Buy a Nerkmind from someone, and then with that Nerkmid, go to the auction house. Put the Nerkmid up for auction, and then go back to your inventory. Inside your inventory, use your Nerkmid somewhere. When your Nerkmid sells, you will still have the money from the Nerkmid, but you would have also used it. Cool cheat.

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