Neopets Nerkmids

Neopets Nerkmids are very expensive collectibles that can be used to get prizes, but some people like to collect them. Here are the different kinds of Neopets Nerkmids:

Basic Golden Nerkmid

Normal Golden Nerkmid

Magical Golden Nerkmid

Ultra Golden Nerkmid

Golden Nerkmid X

Golden Nerkmid XX

Ultimate Nerkmid

Good Nerkmid

Average Nerkmid

Lesser Nerkmid

Super Nerkmid

Ultra Nerkmid

Magical Platinum Nerkmid

Basic Platinum Nerkmid

Normal Platinum Nerkmid

Ultra Platinum Nerkmid

Platinum Nerkmid X

Collecting all of them will get you the Alien Aisha avatar.

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sarerk2 said... March 6, 2011 at 2:29 AM  

Pff.. you just need one nerkmid for the avatar.

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