Neopets Cheats

These are the most up to date Neopets cheats. These cheats work for the games in the arcade. Don't feel bad using these; Neopets made these cheats for you to have an easier time playing some of the games. And some of the games are just too hard without these cheats. Here are the Neopets Cheats:

a5paragu5 Have a Bigger Mallet in Whack-a-Staff-Member.
buuuurrrrrrrrp Your bloating is decreased by 50% in Snowmuncher.
destroyboulders Will remove all blocks of one color in Destruct-O-Match II (This will only work once per game).
dieter Multiple your points by 100 in Snowmuncher, although it will only stay for a certain period of time.
Makes all bubbles turn into one type in the game Faerie Bubbles.
faerieland In Faerie Bubbles, it switches all normal bubbles to rainbow bubbles!
fishnegg Gives you 50 extra points when you receive a fishnegg.
lava Gives you a shield in Volcano Run.
nopopups Eliminates all of the popups in Advert Attack.
novisitors Extra 30 seconds on the timer in Moon Rock Rampage (This only works once per game).
oscillabot Receive an extra attempt at PetPet Sitter
pyramibread Gives you unlimited hints in Suteks Tomb.
rainbownegg Gives you a 25 points rainbow negg in Jelly Blobs of Doom.
rampage Extra life in Moon Rock Rampage (This only works once per game).
scallywags Creates a whirlpool in Dubloon Disaster.
slumberberry All blocks in Faerie Bubbles are destroyed.
stardust In Faerie Bubbles, it will switch all normal bubbles to Nova Bubbles.
superlaser Receive double laser range in Moon Rock Rampage (This only works once per game, and will reset when you reach the end of the level.
turdle Creates a turdle on your opponents side.

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